Day: October 3, 2016

I collected a series of unique and special moments for me more than a week ago but now the euphoria is still present. Even if I have to get ready to go back. Because I know this hasn’t been but the beginning of an even more magical time.

The days at the resort were a little relaxation that prepared me for this new stage with much more force. So I finished my vacations and set to work immediately, because on September 30 I was going to hold a presentation for experienced leaders.

It is a huge responsibility and therefore it is a great honor to be chosen to present some things to people who are not exactly beginners, so I can be happy with my work in that regard. On the other hand, from the point of view of a leader, conforming is never an option … so I always have various dates of this month in my mind.

As for the yesterday event, I was almost speechless …

It was really exciting just to be there surrounded by so many fellow peers and having that experience. We were not just witnesses, we were living a key moment in the history of the company. I don’t remember any other event, show, festival or anything in which I felt so excited and amazed about the things we were sharing. It was a very powerful moment and I was there, that’s all I can say.

In addition to the moment when the company set this milestone in their own history and everything we felt at that moment, I can say I had a great time with my colleagues. I enjoyed the presentations and even the musical performance. All that without having met those people before. I would like to mention Dr. Ruja Ignatova, because it is always a pleasure to hear her talk about the company and her vision.

And after the fun, it’s time to arrange agendas … so I see you soon!